If you want my gun, you better bring yours….and a body bag!

I really wish I could stay away from political discussions.  I know they are pretty much pointless.  I mean, the people who oppose a point of view are rarely likely to change sides so what’s the point?  Think about it…. if you’re a liberal, is there anything I as an EXTREME CONSERVATIVE could say or do that would change your mind?  Do you think there is anything you could say or do that would change mine?

But unfortunately, politics do matter.  At least to those of us who care about the future of our country and the world we leave behind for our children.   Continue reading

When guns are illegal… I’ll be an outlaw

The title alone probably tells you where I stand on gun control.  But with all the hoopla and fury about the topic lately, I thought I would share some photos I have found around the net pertaining to the subject.  Some are thought provoking.  Some are clever.  Some are rude. You decide. Continue reading