Eggs… why all the myths?

When we decided to live this lifestyle, Ranae and I did our research… a lot of it!  We had certain goals in mind.  One of those goals was to produce as much of our own food as possible.  That includes raising rabbits, chickens, goats and one heck of a garden.  So far, we have chickens and the garden.  We have had rabbits before and are in the process of getting them again once the heat comes down as we enter the fall season.  We intend to get goats after the Thanksgiving Holiday due to travel commitments, etc.  So for now, we only raise chickens and the garden. Continue reading

I’m bringing back Sexy

This is going to be one of the most personal and detailed posts about me that I will probably every write.   I value so many of you as my personal friends and not just someone who reads my random writings.  I personally know most of the users registered on this site.  I’ve shared a meal with most of you at one time or another and am proud to call you all my friends. Continue reading

Grocery shopping with a homeless person will amaze you

I don’t usually link to another person’s blog here on my own, but this time I am going to make an exception.

The blog story I link to, at the bottom of this post, really amazed me.  It made me think of some things that I truly had not considered when it came to food and the less fortunate members of our society. Continue reading

Guatemala… it’s closer than you think

With all that has been happening in the news with regards to the ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION from Central America into the United States, I just had to rant a bit.  So here goes…

As most of you know, Ranae and I lived in Guatemala and served as full time missionaries.  You can view our website for more details at

We still financially support various missionaries there and I am in contact with most of them on a regular basis.

First, I keep hearing countless news stories and everyone, calling the various radio talk shows, is saying “it impossible for any person to walk from Guatemala to the USA.”

Heck, I have had outright arguments and shouting matches with ignorant people who claim it is impossible to even drive from the USA to Guatemala or vice-versa.

Continue reading

A Cat Named Cracker

CAT NAMES! OH WHAT A DILEMMA! For those who don’t know us very well, let me tell you about our darn cats.

I resisted getting any cats for over a decade, but then Ranae finally beat me down enough and I gave in. Then a friend told us about two little kittens that needed a home, when we lived in Missouri. We adopted them as soon as they were weened. Continue reading