10 Tips for Success as a Remote Worker

In a world that is dominated by the World Wide Web, I find it amazing that so many companies still want all workers to be confined to some cubicle in a high rise office building in the city.  There are supporters of both schools of thought, I suppose.  But having been a remote worker for nearly my entire career I couldn’t dream of going back to life in the Concrete Hell known as the City.

Why would I ever want to spend an hour and half or more commuting each way to my office each and every day, only to be forced to be exposed to others that I may or may not work alongside of very well?   Sure, I can be friendly with just about anyone, but working alongside someone who likes to talk or chew gum and I think I would take that big plunge from the roof to the concrete below before I ever got my first paycheck.  It’s just not me.

I much prefer my little office here in the middle of a very remote part of Texas. Continue reading

What does being a hermit really mean?

When I first started this blog, I was all fired up with lots of enthusiasm for what I wanted to write about.  I wanted to write about those topics that told who I was and what I think is wrong with the world.  I missed the point though… I needed to be writing about what is right in the world!  At least what is right in my world. Continue reading