It’s the little things in life

I know we’ve all heard the famous quote, “The little things in life are what’s important”, but how often do any of us really take a moment to notice the little things in life?  I know I haven’t done it as much as I should.

Today I was on a conference call and while on that call, my dear sweet wife brought me a glass of iced tea.  I went outside after my call to find her walking by the pond, wearing a baseball hat of all things.

For those of you who don’t personally know my wife, you have to understand, my wife NEVER wears hats.  Her hair is always the best looking wherever she goes.  People often tell me “She has the Texas hair for sure”.  She walks into a room and people notice how good her hair looks… ALWAYS!   Even when I think it looks like a windstorm hit her, she gets compliments from everyone.  It’s a very big deal.

So to see her outside walking around the pond with wet hair (she obviously just washed it) and a baseball cap was quite a shock to my system to say the least.  LOL

I wanted to thank her for making sure I had plenty to drink and the nice gesture of the glass of tea.  So I walked down to the pond to walk around with her.  As we walked back to the front of our property, we discussed nothing important really.  We just talked about the water lines that I had recently laid in the ground and the valve system I put in to isolate different parts of the property.   Then we walked up to the front of the property and I explained the water system up there and the water cutoff valves, etc.

Then we got to talking about our upcoming additions to the place we call “Six Acres”.  We are soon adding some Nigerian Dwarf (see photo below) goats as well as two Anatolian Shepherds (see photo below).  We will be building a huge fenced area to become the home for our new additions.  So we decided to walk the entire perimeter of where the fence will be built.

As we walked, we talked about the fruit trees that she is going to plant along the front of the property outside the fence.  Then we talked about where we are going to build our new barn/shed and how many other little critters we are getting just as soon as possible (rabbits, etc).  Then we laughed that we have such a big place with a nice pond and yet we are locating all our animals on the front of the property away from the pond because of the entertainment area we want to build someday next to the pond.

After our little walk, we decided to keep the momentum going and we hopped on our little ATV and drove to the back of the property where we discussed getting even more goats to help clear out the underbrush, etc.  Then we stopped by the spot where we want to build a totally off-grid cabin.  See… she has been encouraging me to get more hobbies and she knows I am very interested in solar power, etc.  She was encouraging me to build a place that was functional but also to give me an outlet for my hobby interests.

And then the best part happened…. I got a little kiss under the big oak tree that stands in the back of our property.  I felt like I should carve our initials in the tree bark or something.

All of this may sound painfully boring to most folks.  But to me there is nothing better than spending a bright sunshiny day walking around our little piece of heaven on Earth with the most important person in my life… my wife.

The little things in life are what matter and spending time with her is what it’s really all about for me!  You see, it’s the little things that I will someday look back upon and say, “Those were the really big things in my life.”

Take the time to notice the little things!




Below are a photo of a typical Nigerian Dwarf goat and below that is a photo of a woman and her Anatolian Shepherd.  That’s NOT my wife in the photo.  I just used that photo to show the size of the dog.






3 thoughts on “It’s the little things in life

  1. Thank you Vern,
    That’s a great blog, while and after reading your blog I couldn’t help but smile. reading something good every once in a while is comforting. I cant express how thankful I am to be able to call you and Ranae my friends.
    God Bless.