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I just received some FANTASTIC MEDICAL NEWS today!!!!  and I am loving this new way of eating (WOE).  It is making some fantastic changes in my life.  Read on to see how it works and what it has done for me.  I believe it can do the same for you.

Before sharing the details of my news, I want to tell you a little more about my new WOE.  Basically my daily food intake consists of very low carbohydrates; moderate amount of protein and a good dose of fat.  Americans have been led to believe that fat is bad for you.  That’s just not true.

Based on my intake plan and macronutrient ratios here is what I try to achieve each day:

Daily Calorie Intake: 2186
Total Carbohydrates: 25g
Total Protein: 150g
Total Fat: 165g

If you remember, from my previous blog posts (“I’m bringing back sexy” and “What is that fat man eating?”), to do this I have had to basically cut all sugar and grains from my daily intake.  Initially, while I was pretty much uneducated about it, we kept fruits in my diet.  That was not good and we have since removed them.  The carbohydrates are just too high in most fruits to remain in the above macronutrient ratio guidelines.

One thing that is funny to me is how America, in particular, is so convinced that fat intake is directly related to the amount of fat on your body.  THAT IS SIMPLY NOT TRUE!  Fat is a healthy “filler” nutrient.

While every person does have to consume some protein to maintain muscles, excessive protein can cause an elevated blood sugar very quickly.   Eating fat does NOT cause you to have high blood sugar or to gain weight.

There have been countless studies on the people of Iceland.  Icelanders are among the planet’s healthiest, happiest people.  Their diet is rich in fat.  They routinely consume fermented shark fat even; grass fed cattle; and large amounts of fat containing foods like whale and puffin.   When an Icelander kills a wild animal, it is not at all uncommon to eat the fat part and toss the lean part to the dogs.

So why does America believe fat is so bad for you?   I think it’s because so many people don’t realize that fat is only bad when you combine it with carbohydrates.  Carbohydrates are the evil ones, not fat.

There are three main tests that are used to diagnose blood sugar and liver problems.  These are:

  1. A1C – a three month average of blood glucose levels.  Anything over 6.5, or 7.0 depending on which set of standards you use, is basically considered diabetic
  2. AST – the amount of AST enzyme in the blood is directly related to the extent of the tissue damage in the liver
  3. ALT – another enzyme that is used in very much the same way as AST to determine the extent of liver damage

My endocrinologist says that when starting a new way of eating, like I am on, the AST and ALT will briefly go up and then come down as I continue.  That is precisely what has happened! My A1C has came down amazingly too. Keep in mind, I started this way of eating on August 22 and I did so in error (with the fruits) for a couple weeks.

Below are my numbers and the dates, etc.  You can see for yourself how things have dramatically improved.

Test   Normal      8/21/14    9/16/14   10/17/14   Notes  

A1C    4.0-6.0%     8.9        7.5        6.8      3 month average 

AST    6-34 U/L      69         69         40

ALT    0-55 U/L     137        149         79

In addition to this, my cardiologist has removed me from most of my heart medications.   My blood pressure has dramatically improved.

The results above show that my way of eating is helping!   I welcome any questions.  Please post your comments below (not on the facebook link to this article).




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