Why are homeschooled kids so annoying?

As I sit back and watch how the world is falling apart, I can’t help but ask “What has happened in America?”  This is not the America I wore a uniform to defend.  I believe America has lost its moral compass and that saddens me greatly.

I was doing a bit of research to write a witty or informative blog post on the subject when I ran across this little gem listed below.  I don’t normally share links to other blogs, but this one hits it right on the head.

America could learn a thing or two from the homeschooling community.  They still teach values.  They teach discipline; respect and manners!  They don’t outsource their roles as parents to teachers or idiot administrators (who do things like banning Chick-Fil-A products on school campuses and other politically correct nonsense).  No sir, homeschoolers (in general) raise smarter; more well balanced children than most of America ever thought about raising.

No, my children (from my previous marriages) were not homeschooled.  If Ranae and I had children, they would be however.

Ranae and I used to own a chain of indoor amusement centers and we witnessed, literally, thousands of homeschooled children in our centers.  They interacted with adults and other children at a level well beyond what public schooled children did.  They had less social problems such as bullying, etc.  They *ALWAYS* had the best manners and in general, I believe they were smarter than public schooled children.

If that’s annoying… then OK!

Here is the link to a great article on the subject.  I hope you enjoy it.




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