Am I really that weird?

I just had a discussion with a good friend who said I was “weird”.  He’s probably right to a certain extent, but on this particular subject I really hope I’m not that far from the norm.This weekend Ranae and I are traveling about 160 miles each way to attend a conference.  It would be nice to drive down on Friday after work; grab a hotel and a nice meal out.  But we aren’t going to do that.

Because we are just beginning to build our new house, we don’t want to spend money on anything as extravagant at a night out on the town like this.  Think about it.  How much will all that cost?

  • Hotel = $125 (In a major metro area it would be at least this much)
  • Dinner Out = $40 + tip (at least)
  • Breakfast the next morning = $30 (at least)

At the bare minimum that comes to $195 and we haven’t added in things like the $2.50 bottle of water at the hotel; the inconvenience of packing up; the inconvenience of asking our neighbor to come feed and water our animals the next day, etc. That’s just crazy, as I see it!

So I told my friend that we would be staying at home Friday night.  We will be eating here and then getting up and eating here again early before we leave for the conference.  Then there is the added benefit that my wife is the best cook I have ever met.  A damn far cry from the crap that most restaurants are going to put on my table for a mere $40!  Plus I don’t have to listen to other loud customers, etc.  I get to enjoy a meal prepared by the woman I love, with the woman I love and nobody else!

My friend just couldn’t see the benefit to sacrificing to get what I wanted… the money that would be spent for the night out instead of going towards what I value more… the new house.  He said to me, “Just put it on a credit card man.”

He really thought I was crazy when I told him that I haven’t had a credit card in over 25 years.

What has happened in America?  People are lost in my not so humble opinion!  Put it on a credit card?   Indeed!

What happened, America?  When did we become the land of immediate gratification?  Where is the honor that used to be here, like work hard, save and pay your way without credit?

I just don’t get it.   If that makes me weird… well, I’ve been called much worse.  Weird apparently suits me just fine!





5 thoughts on “Am I really that weird?

  1. While I am on this rant, another guy I know once said to me “I told my wife that you really don’t care about buying the best” He said this after seeing a UTV I purchased, because he has a bunch of 4-wheelers and views anything that doesn’t travel at break-neck speed as worthless. I paid $750 for our UTV and it is the most amazing deal I have ever gotten. It is pristine condition and runs fine. Top speed about 18mph. On Six Acres… I can’t ever see needing faster. Kiss my tail, Kevin!

  2. People today don’t understand that credit and debt are a relatively new phenomenon. Culture has trained the people of today that you cannot have a house without a mortgage, a car without a payment, or a student without a loan. They don’t understand that interest is a shackle they willingly wrap around themselves. Our grandparents and their parents understood the follies of debt so much more than the sheepy masses of today.

    Henry Ford once said, “It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and money system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.”

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