So It Begins

Well… after really thinking it through and praying very hard about it (on my knees type praying) we have come to a decision about the type of construction for our new home and I have never been more excited!

For the past several years, we had our hearts set on building with Cordwood Masonry. While it has many benefits such as those listed below, we felt as though the cons would outweigh the pros.

  • Fireproof
  • Bulletproof
  • Soundproof
  • Better climate control (fabulous insulation)
  • Inexpensive compared to

The biggest con being that it will simply cost too much in TIME and the unknown factors of that type of building.  Not to mention that we would still have to find the wood.

Building with cordwood masonry is a simple process and I feel confident, at this point, we will still build our chapel using cordwood masonry, for the soundproof aspects of it.  But that building won’t happen for a year or two after the main house is built.

For the past year and half we have been preparing our land, while living in a small cabin of only 384 square feet.  This cabin will serve as our guest cottage when we move into the new house.  I, for one, will be so incredibly glad to get out of this small space and retrieve all our stuff that we currently have in storage.  I can’t wait!

As of yesterday, we have hired a contractor friend in Dallas to draft the blue prints.   Here is a photo of the home we are hoping it will look like when constructed.  Ours will be painted green though… of course! LOL


What we hope our new house will look like when completed.

I will be doing most of the work myself with the help of some laborers that I have hired.   This is going to be fun.  While I have done a ton of interior work and remodeling, I haven’t really built an entire house since my days in the Army.  This is going to be great fun!!

Please join us in prayer that my health allows me to get this built as soon as possible!  I will post the floor plan once we have it all worked out.




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