Guatemala… it’s closer than you think

With all that has been happening in the news with regards to the ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION from Central America into the United States, I just had to rant a bit.  So here goes…

As most of you know, Ranae and I lived in Guatemala and served as full time missionaries.  You can view our website for more details at

We still financially support various missionaries there and I am in contact with most of them on a regular basis.

First, I keep hearing countless news stories and everyone, calling the various radio talk shows, is saying “it impossible for any person to walk from Guatemala to the USA.”

Heck, I have had outright arguments and shouting matches with ignorant people who claim it is impossible to even drive from the USA to Guatemala or vice-versa.

Let me set the record straight… you can indeed drive from the USA to Guatemala.  Much to the surprise of the ill informed, it is still the same continent!  Ranae and I, along with my son Marc, have driven it numerous times.  

On my very first trip to Guatemala, I visited with a priest at the San Lucis Toliman Catholic Mission near Lago Atitlan (Lake Atitlan for you gringos who don’t speak Spanish) .  At the age of 36, Father Gregory Shaffer made the WALK from New Ulm, Minnesota to Guatemala!  It is a trek of just over 3,000 miles.  He did it all on foot…. NUMEROUS TIMES!

The point of his walks was to raise awareness that poverty and despair are so close to us all, that you could literally walk to see it first hand.     He was right!!

My dear friend Father Gregory died in 2012, by the way.  But his work continues at one of the most stable and established mission projects in all of Central America.  You can read more about the mission by visiting their website at

So, I assert that it is entirely possible for people to walk from Guatemala to the United States.  I’ve seen it happen first hand not only by my friend Father Gregory, but with others as well.

Second, while I absolutely feel empathy for the plight of the people of Central America, it shocks me that America’s left leaning individuals want to simply open the borders and let everyone who comes in enter without doing so LEGALLY!

America is one of the most generous nations in the world.  We routinely help with natural disasters and the like.  We have countless USA based missionaries living abroad in some of the poorest conditions in the world, all so they can help those in need.  But, once we let this many ILLEGAL immigrants into our country, we will soon lose our ability to help anyone, including ourselves!

Just since 2006, there are reports that somewhere on the order of 30 million ILLEGAL immigrants have entered the USA.  The New York Times reports the number to be much lower at a mere 11.7 million.  Even using their grossly distorted number, that’s nearly 3.5% of our total United States population!

At that rate, within 4 years, we will no longer be the same nation we are today.  If those illegal immigrants somehow gain the right to vote… look out!  America is destined to change!  And if you think it’s a change for the better, then let’s take a little road trip to Guatemala!  I’ve got a few things to show you.

Third, don’t be fooled by the reports that all those crossing the border are just innocent children.  Most, are young adults who lie about their age!  Remember, Guatemala is a country where the average height and appearance is much shorter and younger than here in the USA.  And let’s not forget motherhood is common at the age of 13 or 14 in Guatemala.

Fourth, everyone keeps talking about the drug cartels being paid by parents to smuggle their children into the USA.  I submit, it also goes the other way… the cartels pay parents to use their children as drug smugglers!

The United States believes we are somehow helping the war on drugs by sending all the money to Mexico, etc.  I submit, we are making it worse and are merely dividing the cartels into two groups… those at our border and those at the Guatemalan border.  America is so damn arrogant that it really just pisses me off!

The money we sent isn’t helping anything!  And don’t even get me started on the atrocities caused by NAFTA.  We have made countless farmers unemployed and destroyed an entire nation’s way of life.  American arrogance at its finest!!  Pathetic!

Fifth, how is it that the “surge” has only just begun in the past few months when the federal government posted a job opening for “escorts of unaccompanied minor illegal immigrants” late last year?  You are being played America!  Wake up!

In closing, if you want to help Central America, then I have a few suggestions…

1) Take a mission trip and volunteer for a short term project so you can see first hand what it is really like.

2) Donate to the full time missionary project of your choice

3) Pray for the poor and STARVING people of Central America

But for God’s Sake… don’t let them invade the USA or we will lose our ability to help anyone!

Rant mode is now off!

If you disagree, then I suspect you haven’t seen much of the world except through your computer monitor or television set.  Let’s take a little road trip… it will open your eyes!

And for the record… some of my best friends are Guatemalans.  I can’t think of a more loving and caring group of friends in the whole world!












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