A Cat Named Cracker

CAT NAMES! OH WHAT A DILEMMA! For those who don’t know us very well, let me tell you about our darn cats.

I resisted getting any cats for over a decade, but then Ranae finally beat me down enough and I gave in. Then a friend told us about two little kittens that needed a home, when we lived in Missouri. We adopted them as soon as they were weened.

My wife, being the gun enthusiast that she is (DANG I LOVE THAT WOMAN!) named one Smith and the other Wesson. I fell in love with the cats. Ok… I admit… I love those two cats. There I said it. NOW SHUT UP! LOL

When we bought our raw land here in Texas, someone dropped off a pregnant cat near us. We adopted her as an outdoor cat. My wife named her Remmington (see a trend here?).

Remmington soon had four babies. My wife named them Colt, Kimber, Baretta and Mossberg. Are you seeing this trend, yet?

Remmington and her offspring are all outdoor cats. They do great at keeping field mice, moles, snakes and scorpions away so they can definitely stay!  They are just as friendly as our two indoor cats… Smith & Wesson.

We wanted to get Remmington “fixed” but apparently some farmer’s tomcat paid her a visit before we had a chance.  She was once again pregnant!

A few days ago she gave birth to at least six more kittens! We haven’t been able to get a precise count as we don’t want to move them or cause her to spook and move them.



Most are charcoal or black colored except for one which is completely 100% white. Ranae wants to name the new ones… Sig; Glock; Benelli; Taurus; Henry; and Marlin.

I said, “But with the white one… shouldn’t he be named Cracker? LOL”  I pleaded my case… “Smith & Wesson, Remmington, Colt, Kimber, Baretta, Mossberg, Sig, Glock, Benelli, Taurus, Henry and Cracker!  What’s wrong with that?!”

She just gave me that evil stare!  I guess he will get a gun name too.  I have been whipped again!




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