Marc to the rescue

As much I as I love building this place that I now call home, for me the highlight has to be a short three weeks I was able to spend with my son Marc helping me get things rolling.   Marc lives in Delaware but came to help me get the main cabin finished out.

As Marc has grown up into a fine young man, I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to be his friend, not just his biological father.  This isn’t the first time Marc has joined me on a task.  While Ranae and I lived in Guatemala, Marc came with us for a couple months.  He helped us drive through Mexico and helped out with many projects around our ministry.

Marc is a joy to be around and is really quite a fine young man in every respect.  His word is his bond and his handshake means it’s a deal.  He lives his life by the principal of “do good, not harm”.  What more could a man want from a son?

After Ranae and I closed on the land, my first project was to get my office cabin (a 10’x16′ portable storage building) ready to be moved onto the land.  It was first delivered to our home several hours to the west of our newly purchased land and placed in our backyard.  I then took to the task of wiring, insulating and drywalling it.  I installed a small window air conditioner unit and simply painted the floor.  It was, afterall, just to be my office and shop.  It doesn’t need all the girlie things like nice flooring or trim boards now does it?  LOL

While finishing it out, I made countless trips to the land to make sure things were going well with the workers I had hired to run water lines and dig trenches for the electrical lines, etc.  The day before Marc’s arrival I had the main building and the office cabin delivered.

Here is a photo of the backside of the office cabin.  I thought we had taken a photo of the front side, but I guess we either lost it or forgot to take one.

Marc was always cracking me up.  He absolutely loved the sausage sticks from the local meat packers.  In this photo he was looking for a drill bit to put his bunk together and has one of the sausage sticks hanging out of his mouth like it were a prized cigar or something.  LOL   For those of you who don’t know Marc, this is so him.  I laugh just looking at the expression on his face!

tn_2013-06-07 00.10.18

The inside sure wasn’t anything fancy, but it worked out well and Marc and I lived here together for the next three weeks.  This next photo is what his side of the 10’x16′ shack looked like when he was all done.

tn_2013-06-07 09.17.12

We shared that little table.  I used it to work for my client during the day while Marc was working on the cabin and he he used it at night to keep up with his college studies.

Here is a photo of what my side looked like.

tn_2013-06-07 09.17.02

Over the next three weeks I worked for my client and basically just directed Marc on what needed to be done in the main cabin.  For having never been in a construction setting much, he sure did a fantastic job!  I helped only a little bit.  More direction and guidance than anything else really.   Marc did the vast majority of the work, no doubt.  And I’m proud to say he did wonderfully!

The first order of business was a toilet!  We got lucky and found an old septic system on our property.  We had a certified septic contractor come take a look at it and he gave it a green light so Marc tied it in and the toilet was ready to go within a day!  YEAH MARC!

tn_2013-06-07 09.29.42


tn_2013-06-07 11.38.35

We were both so excited when he had the toilet plumbed in.  We had to use a hose to fill the tank between flushes, but it sure beat the tar out of squatting in the woods if you know what I mean!?  LOL

The next project was to cut a hole and install the air conditioner.  But probably the funniest hole we had to cut was to bring in the shower stall.  It was bigger than the door on the pre-built portable building that we were turning into a livable cabin, so we decided to cut a hole in the end of the building rather than mess with the door.





At about this point, we decided the hot water heater was just too big.  So we made our way to Home Depot to get a smaller one along with the needed insulation and sheetrock for the next phase of the project.

Ranae and I had spent a couple years in our Fifth Wheel RV Trailer so water conservation wasn’t an issue.  The only issue at this point was space conservation.

tn_2013-06-14 19.02.20


tn_2013-06-14 19.55.48

Marc and I both needed a shower fiercely so we made the first of what was to be many trips to the nearest Flying J Truck Stop to buy a shower on the way back to the land from the Home Depot.  Those were the high points of our days!

By the end of the day, Marc was obviously exhausted.  It was a good first day to say the least!  I think he finally laid his head down on the pillow about 2:05am.  I think he may have been asleep a few minutes earlier though.  LOL

A well deserved rest was had by both of us this night!



5 thoughts on “Marc to the rescue

  1. Hey Vern: Great story. I was glad to see Marc…the last time I saw him was more years ago than I’d care to count. He has sure grown into a fine-looking young man. One to be proud of.

    I’m home now… it’s been a tough 3 months with several major setbacks, but I’m optimistic. Biggest problem is that I can no longer drive. Phooey.

    My love to Ranae and Marc. What’s leftover is for you.

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