If you want my gun, you better bring yours….and a body bag!

I really wish I could stay away from political discussions.  I know they are pretty much pointless.  I mean, the people who oppose a point of view are rarely likely to change sides so what’s the point?  Think about it…. if you’re a liberal, is there anything I as an EXTREME CONSERVATIVE could say or do that would change your mind?  Do you think there is anything you could say or do that would change mine?

But unfortunately, politics do matter.  At least to those of us who care about the future of our country and the world we leave behind for our children.  

I doubt the two sides will ever come together and actually agree on a single thing.  We all come from completely different points of view.  Each has their own opinions as to what’s right and what’s not and there is slim to nil chance of changing the other’s mind.

For instance, I believe what I earn is mine to do with as I wish.  The libtards believe they are somehow entitled to what I have earned or feel some self-righteous bullshit emotional high that they are somehow doing good by taking from me and giving to someone else.

The concept so many libtards miss is that I simply may not care about the same group of people they do.  While I feel we all have a moral obligation to help others, I feel it is entirely my place to decide who I want to help and who I wish to ignore.  It is, afterall, my money… isn’t it?  (and for the record… I do help others…. have a look… www.2forChrist.com)

Take the issue of gun control.  The libtards just can’t help but make the leap that they are “doing good” by hopefully taking guns away from law abiding citizens. It’s this mindset that drives the libtards.  They like that boost to their over-inflated egos.

While it may have started out with good intentions, it has become a perverse need to control others that drive these maniacs.  There is rarely any good that comes from nearly anything the libtards do.  Time and time again, history has shown that the programs these whack-jobs start do little for the cause they are supposedly championing and quite often they make matters worse by doing things such as encouraging the “welfare riders” and other dregs.

I believe the point that so many people miss is that local communities should govern themselves.  If a community wants a head-start program for children, then let them fund it.  Why should they send money up to Washington and hope those funds will be returned to them to fund their head-start program?

There isn’t any chance in hell that the same amount of funds will come back to their local head-start. It can’t!  It costs money for the government workers to handle that money, appropriate the money, manage the programs, etc.  Wouldn’t it just make more sense to leave the money at home, in the local community, in the first place?

If you don’t want a head-start program and have no intention of using one, then move to an area that doesn’t have one and doesn’t tax the members of the community to pay for one.

Likewise, if you want to live in a gun-free zone (or as I like to call it… a KILLING FIELD!) then by all means move to a place where you can find that.  But, having been the victim of violent criminal assault, I can tell you this much… when you come for my guns, you had better bring yours and a body bag.  Only one of us is going to live to tell the story of how it all went down the day you decided to infringe on my rights of gun ownership!



4 thoughts on “If you want my gun, you better bring yours….and a body bag!

  1. You’re making way to much sense….so you better stop! I would love for Libs/Progressives to get their own country to turn into utopia. Now if they actually believed their Bullshit they would want the same thing. If I was Texas I would just become our own little country. Hell little… its bigger than the 13 colonies probably! Cheers…..

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