So maybe hermit isn’t the best name

As much as I like the idea of becoming a Hermit and living in seclusion, I really do like connecting to the outside world in some regards.

Yesterday was a prime example.  When we lived in Guatemala we became friends with a Guatemalan family.  They are very dear to us and it left a huge hole in our hearts to leave them when we returned to the USA.  The husband and wife are Manolo and Lourdes.  They have three wonderful children… “Eddie”, Jose and Lucia.

These kids are what most American parents can only dream of.  They are well behaved, happy and well adjusted.  Their morals are impeccable.  Basically, they are a total joy to be around and it’s easy to fall in love with this family.

I will never forget, one time I had to wait for someone to come meet with me and my dear sweet Lucia wanted to play a game.  We had no cards or board games, etc.  So she tore some cardboard into squares and hand drew figures on the squares. She made two squares for each figure.  We sat there for nearly three hours and played “Memory”.  It was easily one of the best days of my life and one I will never forget!!

How many kids in America would be so content and happy with such a simple way to pass time?  Not many I know.  Heck, I had dinner with a family here in the USA last week.  Their son couldn’t even sit through dinner at a restaurant without complaining that it was time to get on the road.  He had an iPad with him and played with it the entire time during dinner.  How was his life going to change if they got on the road?  He was going to still be sitting and still be playing on his iPad.  Geesh.  It really offended me.

Rudeness… a great American trait.  It’s that sort of thing that makes me want to be away from society more than anything.

But yet, I do want to be connected.  I like writing this blog and being exposed to the world through it, etc.  Yesterday was another example of why I want technology in my life… I was able to use Facebook’s video call feature and talk with my friends in Guatemala.  It was awesome to see their faces and hear their voices again.  I cried like a baby to see the dear sweet children again.  I am so glad we all found each other on Facebook yesterday.  It was a missing to not have them in my life.

I guess the challenge in becoming a hermit is to throttle how I use technology.  It’s easy to get sucked into all the parts of the American society that I can’t stand.  ie: politics; personal drama; fighting; arguing; etc.

It’s tempting to get sucked into all that nonsense.  The trick is to just limit it and know when to walk away, or in the case of the computer… when to go to a different site.





2 thoughts on “So maybe hermit isn’t the best name

  1. I agree, Vern. Technology is a blessing and a curse. Look at all the wonderful things we can do now that we could not do before. Such as keeping in touch with loved ones who are far away. At the same time, I truly believe that our children of today’s world, being bombarded with SO MUCH technology almost 24/7, has created a lot of our ‘attention deficit’ today. I’m not discounting children with true medical conditions, but it seems they constantly need to be ‘entertained’ instead of using their own imaginations to create something to occupy themselves. I have children in my own family who cannot seem to pay attention to any one thing for more than a few minutes at a time. Very sad. On the subject of avoiding ‘drama’, politics, etc…I have recently began to subscribe to the idea of ‘if you don’t have something nice to say’. I stay out of any and all things that I would feel, personally, I could be sucked into and would cause me to be or feel agitated. I have been praying and reading the Bible again, and asking the Lord to make me more Christ like and to see people through the eyes of love rather than contempt. It’s helping me alot. Thank you for sharing your posts with us. They are a joy to read. God Bless.

  2. How nice of you to say Kris. I sure enjoy writing them. It is kind of meditation for me in some ways. I often wonder if people would really like to read what I have to say or not. LOL

    I like technology, especially when someone can create something with it. It’s that thinking process that I love. It’s the lack of thinking caused by so much of technology that it saddens me greatly.

    Here is a link to a cool thing I am working with… Arduinos. Have a look and let me know what you think.

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