Oral surgery and other things to consider

While I am thoroughly enjoying small time life, it’s days like today when I really get tested.

I have to have a minor oral surgery today and, obviously, there isn’t an oral surgeon in this small little town.  The nearest one is 83 miles away.  In the traffic of a big town, that equates to a two hour drive each way to go to an oral surgeon.

Other situations like this exist with life in a smaller town too.

For instance, I had a need to visit the E.R. last year for some chest pains I was having.  Turned out to be nothing, but the local hospital here couldn’t tell me that.  They had to send me to another hospital by ambulance.  That other hospital was some 60 miles away.  Do I have to tell you how expensive that ride was?  Yikes!

I guess the moral of the story is… if you want the simple life; the secluded life; then you better take good care of yourself.  Your health is clearly important, but I think these two examples alone illustrate the point that a person’s health is even more important when living remotely.

To that end, I have started working on losing weight.  I have started a really cool diet that so far seems to be producing fantastic results and is extremely easy to follow.  You can probably do a search to find out the information about it.  It’s called “The Rule of Whites Diet”

To sum it up in a nut shell, I no longer eat any carbohydrates.  Nothing!  Nada!  Zip!  Zero!

I eat no grains; no sugars (except fruit); no carrots; no potatoes; nothing like that whatsoever.  I do drink milk though.  Some versions of the Rule of Whites don’t even allow milk.

I started the diet on September 20th.  I tipped the scales at a mind boggling 318 pounds.  The heaviest of my life!!!  Today, I weigh 299.

That’s 19 pounds in less than two weeks.  I know part of that weight at the beginning was probably water weight, but it’s coming off and I’m motivated to stay on it.  I will keep you posted on the weight loss.

I also take a some supplements like garlic, cinnamon, fish oil, bilberry, a men’s daily vitamin, fiber, lutein, and zeaxanthin.  If you care to know the dosages I take just ask.

My point to all this is… get healthy.  Avoid visits to the E.R.

The simple life… that’s what this is all about!



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  1. Turns out I have to have more than just a simple oral surgery. I go back for full fledged surgery on the jaw bone and a couple teeth extraction next Wednesday (October 10th). UGH!

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