An open letter to my wife on our 14th wedding anniversary

My dear sweet Ranae,


Ranae’s brother Max walks her down the aisle

My how time flies.  Here we are at our 14th wedding anniversary already.  We don’t have big plans, other than the Mass tonight for the yearly Feast of St. Leo The Great. But other than that, today will be pretty normal around here I guess. But “normal” is pretty darn cool in this life spent with you. Continue reading

Remote Working Just Makes Sense

2016-03-04 15.34.41Most of my adult life, I have been a remote worker.  I have worked from my RV in the middle of the mountains of Montana.  I have worked remotely in the desert of Nevada. I have worked from a secluded cabin in New Mexico. I even have worked remotely while serving as a full time missionary living in Guatemala (

But as a freelance software developer, I routinely bump heads with recruiters and employers who want to have me onsite from 9 to 5 in their office.  I always chuckle a bit and say to most of them “Welcome to the 1980’s”   Continue reading

Good Help Is Hard To Find!

Help WantedWe have all heard that old saying “Good help is hard to find.” but I have never really understood why people say this.

When I lived in the bigger cities, I was always able to find a reputable contractor or laborer, but out here in the country… it’s a whole different ball game.  I understand now why people say “Good help is hard to find” so much. Continue reading

He’s Alive!

It’s not often that I hear a song that grabs me by the throat and rocks me to my core. But when I found this song below, I just had to share it!

I confess to you and everyone who reads this, that I have a real hard time tolerating some people. I find some of their actions offensive and as such I distance myself from them. Yup… I judge people. And if you’re honest, I bet you do too. Their actions make me uncomfortable. Their chosen forms of entertainment make me sickened. Their vices make me run from them. Continue reading

10 Tips for Success as a Remote Worker

In a world that is dominated by the World Wide Web, I find it amazing that so many companies still want all workers to be confined to some cubicle in a high rise office building in the city.  There are supporters of both schools of thought, I suppose.  But having been a remote worker for nearly my entire career I couldn’t dream of going back to life in the Concrete Hell known as the City.

Why would I ever want to spend an hour and half or more commuting each way to my office each and every day, only to be forced to be exposed to others that I may or may not work alongside of very well?   Sure, I can be friendly with just about anyone, but working alongside someone who likes to talk or chew gum and I think I would take that big plunge from the roof to the concrete below before I ever got my first paycheck.  It’s just not me.

I much prefer my little office here in the middle of a very remote part of Texas. Continue reading

Off Grid Water – How we did it

Lately I have been getting a lot of email from old friends who have been asking me about my way of life and why I haven’t written more about it.  Honestly… I didn’t think anyone would really want to read it.  Apparently I was wrong as several have been writing to me asking me to write more about the country homestead type lifestyle and specifically about how to build their own off-grid water system.

While Ranae and I are not off-grid in the least, we used to be off the water grid entirely. Read on to see how we did it. Continue reading

What is that fat man eating?

I’m not sure I’m the best guy to go to for diet advice.   But ever since my first article about my health issues ( several people (dozens actually) have written to me asking for meal ideas.  I have tried to be diligent about taking photos of each and every meal I eat but I did miss a few.   Continue reading