Tell them you love them!

Today’s blog post is kind of an odd one for me I suppose.  The story of what happened today rocked me to my core and I just had to share to it.

Today is just a normal day like any other day, but today I had a particularly close call while driving down a country highway.  There was a bit of a fog, when I left home this morning, so visibility was definitely limited.  I didn’t feel unsafe though.  Heck, this wasn’t a big deal.  What’s a little fog?  I’ve driven in much much worse conditions and didn’t give it so much as a second thought.

There I was all fat and happy with not a care in the world listening to some radio talk show host beat up on the politician du jour and then all of the sudden from a side road, a little ol lady pulled out in front of me.  I had to take to the gravel shoulder to keep from slamming into her.  In doing so, I came within two feet of hitting a bridge rail that would have absolutely a) flipped my truck and b) put me in the middle of the river below.  It would have been ugly.

She and I would have both been in a bad way had we collided too.  I feel pretty confident it could have been a fatal crash for one or both of us if we had hit, no doubt.

I was pretty shaken to say the least.  Ahhh… heck… who am I kidding?  I was pissed off beyond words to be honest!  Scared yes.  But more upset with the stupid antics of that woman.

Then it really hit me.  My life was in that old woman’s hand.  There in that instant she could have ended my life in a blink of an eye.  What effect would this have had on those close to me?  This lapse in judgement, on the part of that old woman, could have changed a lot of things and a lot of lives.

I sat there for a minute and just collected my thoughts.  I was fuming and then I started to shake.  I shook for something like four or five minutes.  It was surreal.  What was going on?  I had been in close calls before.  Why such a reaction to this stupid driver?

I guess what hit me the most was that my life was indeed in someone else’s hands.  That thought kept running through my head.  How many times, each and every day, do we drive down the road and put our life in the hands of the oncoming driver, etc?

WOW!  It was sort of overwhelming.

Then the next bit of this odd day happened.  I get to my office and setup my computer and turn on my music playlist.  The first random song that started to play was “Honey” by Bobby Goldsboro (recorded way back in 1968!).  What are the chances?  If you don’t know that song… I put it at the bottom of this post.  Give it a listen!

I had to call my wife and tell her how much I love her!  I just had to.   I encourage you to tell your spouse and those you love how much they mean to you.  Do it everyday!  In just a blink of eye, you or they could be gone forever!  Do it before some careless driver shatters your world and the world of those you love and who love you.

I LOVE YOU RANAE!  You are without a doubt the best thing that has ever happened to me.  God has surely blessed me more than he has blessed any other man on the planet!



5 thoughts on “Tell them you love them!

  1. This is why I only drive when necessary. I renewed my license a month ago but I haven’t driven in almost 6 months. I have such a phobia of things like that happening. Someone pulling out in front of me. Someone running a red light. I would get so stressed out behind the wheel a few years ago, I was having panic attacks esp if Kaylee was in the backseat in her car seat or carrier. I was always afraid she was going to get hurt. I think that that was my big fear. I am very thankful that you did not get hurt! Gods angels were watching over you thats for sure!! I know he watches over all of us but there is always one stupid nut that doesn’t pay attention!! Always tell your loved ones you love them before they go anywhere!! Rule one in this house.. hugs and loves before the door opens!!

  2. So Thankful you are ok. I know first hand that unfortunately people don’t watch what they are doing behind the wheel. Lee, will be gone 5 years June 18 of this year. Dalton, was 2 and Hannah just 5 1/2 months. I know what they are missing and still there are days that I can’t think of anything else. Even though we will be with him in Heaven, we aren’t with him now. Love never dies that is true. Praise God, you are Vern.

  3. I am very thankful that you are Ok. I have got to tell you that when all you boys were growing up was the best of times and nearly every day as much as I loved every one of you boys I wanted to pull your heads off. For me you guys all made a bad time fun, I will never forget any of you. Love you

  4. While it is true, that person, or any person for that matter can certainly cause catastrophe. I don’t feel ‘my life’ is ever in another person’s hands. My life is always in the very capable hands of God. I trust Him in all things, above all else. With that being said, Vern, that sounds like a truly terrifying experience. Especially when it dawns on you what ‘could’ have happened. People behind the wheel are a truly scary thing these days. Driving but their minds are a million miles away, somewhere else entirely. I don’t think people know anymore what ‘defensive driving’ even means. I agree with Janice. I don’t drive much anymore. I have too many phobias. Anxiety prevents me from ever getting on the ‘interstate’ to go someplace alone. I leave all of that to Neil. I go just where I need to be, very close to home. Right now, at this juncture in my life, I simply cannot cope with being in the ‘fast lane’ in traffic with aggressive drivers. I’m so thankful you are ok, (Thank you Lord) Yes, certainly a wake up call, and it certainly gets your attention. God Bless and keep you safe always!

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